Missional Training Cohorts

Want to be trained and encouraged to be a missionary where you already live...in a gathering of other like minded people?  Join us for one of our three month training cohorts we're you can engage in missional training, action based learning, and group reflection!

WHO: Anyone wanting to be trained and live as community missionary.  Kiddos are welcome too!

WHEN: Every other Sunday afternoon from 2:00-3:45pm

WHERE: Margin Coffee (206 SW 2nd Ave, Albany, OR)

WHAT: Three month training cohort covering these topics: 

  • HOW TO BE ON GOD’S MISSION - September 29th to December 8th, 2019

  • HOW TO KNOW GOD’S MESSAGE - January 12th to March 22nd, 2020

  • HOW TO LIVE AS GOD’S MISSIONARY - April 5th to June 14th, 2020


MORE INFO: See below for training overview and details. For updated times, dates, and locations, follow us on Facebook and/or subscribe to our Newsletter.

God’s Mission

INCARNATIONAL MISSION - September 29th & October 13th

Jesus was sent to us (mission) as one of us (incarnation); but although Jesus was in the world, He was not of the world.  In this training, we will discuss what it looks like to go & engage the world like Jesus, while being different & not of this world.

INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY - October 27th & November 10th

Wherever Jesus went, He created an inclusive community of people where everyone was welcome (young and old, rich and poor, male and female).  In this training, we will discuss how to help create diverse inclusive communities wherever God puts us.

UNCONDITIONAL BLESSING - November 24th & December 8th

When people asked if Jesus was the King of the Kingdom of Heaven, He pointed to His unconditional blessing, healing, and serving of the least of these.  In this training, will discuss how to unconditionally bless and serve others regardless of who they are or what they do.

God’s Message

GOD’S STORY - january 12th & January 26th

Many times we think we know the Gospel, but do we have a complete understanding of the whole story? In this training, we will give a picture of the whole Gospel Story in its four major themes to ensure that we do not have a "short-sheeted gospel".

FRUIT to ROOT - February 9th & February 23rd

All of our sin can be traced back to something in the Gospel don’t believe. In this training, we will use the “Fruit to Roots” process to identify our sinful fruit, find the root of Gospel unbelief, and discover Gospel truths so we can experience the fruit of the Good News.

SHARING THE GOSPEL - March 8th & March 22nd

Jesus commanded His followers to go and share the Good News with others. We will examine how Jesus and His disciples shared the Gospel by: engaging with others, finding common ground, and correcting error.

God’s Missionary

SUSTAINABILITY IN MISSION - April 5th & April 19th 

Jesus spent a lot of time with God and time with others for spiritual sustainability. We will examine how the rhythms of inner formation (prayer, scripture, accountable relationships, Sabbath rest) are essential for missional sustainability.


In this training, we will examine Jesus’ servant and shared leadership example.  We will discuss how we can be servant leaders like Christ and work together with other servant leaders in mutual submission with each other to balance out our different spiritual gifts.


Jesus strategically discipled His followers in mission and the church multiplied after His ascension. We will discuss how to disciple others and multiply ministry through the apprenticeship process of: calling, teaching, modeling, and doing.